I have been extremely pleased with the Trace Botanicals products I have used.  The Quantum Fulvic spray is a delight.  Living in the high desert, my skin is challenged in the extreme environment of sun and wind exposure.  The Quantum Fulvic spray is refreshing and nourishes my skin like no other product I have tried.  My skin feels softer, with less wrinkles.  Amazing!

The Humic Fulvic Complex is my daily source of trace minerals.  I have been taking the Complex for a year and have not gotten sick once, even when challenged with exposure to sick family members.  I used to be the first to come down with whatever was going around, not any longer.  Thank you Trace Botanicals!     Teresa R.

I've been taking Trace Botanicals HFC for about 8 months and in that time, I've never once gotten sick! I travel every 1-2 months for work and would always get the sniffles from flying. Not anymore! Since taking my Trace Botanicals, I've also noticed that I have more energy, and I'm less bloated. I recently started using the Quantum Fulvic Skin & Hair. It has cleared up my skin a lot and leaves it with a healthy glow! Im obsessed!   Quinn G.


I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The only reason they discovered the mass was because it was blocking my liver, causing me to turn bright yellow (jaundice) from all the trapped toxins. 

I had an emergency operation to insert a stint and was told it would take at least 3 weeks before the yellow went away. I came home from surgery and my granddaughter insisted I begin taking the Humic Fulvic Complex immediately.

I was more than skeptical trying something new and something I had never heard of, but I trust my granddaughter, because she is a "health nut".  I cannot tell you how shocked and pleased I was when the yellow was completely gone in less than one week! My doctor had never seen anyone recover from the effects of jaundice so quickly. 

I'm a believer in the powerful detoxification properties that this product offers, because I experienced remarkable results during my most frightful health scare.    Jo O.


I spend a lot of time outdoors and am prone to sunburns. In the past I've applied Aloe Vera but my skin would still be red and irritated for a couple of days and then it would peel like crazy. Recently I got very burned during a bike ride. The friend I was with offered to give me their bottle of Quantum Fulvic Skin & Hair and told me to spray the areas every hour until I went to bed. I did. When I awoke, the burn was gone and my skin was actually tan. I never even peeled. I only wish I would have known about this product sooner.

I've been using it now for a few weeks and, according to my wife, my skin has never looked better. She ended up stealing my bottle and won't leave the house without it! I happily ordered two more bottles - one for me and one for my generous friend who introduced us to what we like to call "the miracle spray". Looking forward to trying your Humic Fulvic Complex next!     Michael R.


I've been using HFC for 3 years as well as my son and my husband, and we don't get sick. We fly right through cold and flu season and we stay healthy, and it's great!       Sara R.


I've tried many skin care products, including the most expensive lines from France. Nothing has kept my skin more hydrated and glowing as Quantum Fulvic Skin & Hair, despite the amount of makeup I wear!  I spray it on before I apply my makeup, then again to set my makeup (best makeup setter ever), and then I spray it throughout the day.     Lilley C.


I battled with acne for years. I've used Accutane, Proactiv, and even apple cider vinegar but they all have their issues - from drying out my skin to smelling horrible.  Quantum Fulvic Skin & Hair worked quickly to completely clear my acne, and it didn't have any negative side effects like the other treatments. Thank you Trace Botanicals for helping me to have the skin I've always wanted.     Kathryn J.


My complexion has a renewed clarity and looks healthy and bright. I've even stopped wearing concealer! Best skin care product on the market!!!     Michelle G.


I'm traveling with a friend who turns to me and says 'your skin looks absolutely stunning. Dewy. Healthy. Beautiful. You're glowing. What are you doing?' This is a true story. I told her I just started using the humic fulvic hair and body spray. I'll take her opinion every day. My skin feels better. And, since I started taking the vitamin complex, I haven't gotten sick, even after 4 international flights. That's all the proof I need. Love this stuff.  Alicia Y.


I first started taking Humic Fulvic Complex about two years ago. At that time, I had just started menopause and was constantly fatigued and experiencing horrible night sweats.  Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that my energy level was increasing and within a month,the night sweats diminished.  

Additionally,  I haven't been sick, my allergies are gone and my overall health has improved.  

When Trace Botanicals added the Quantum Fulvic Skin & Hair to their product line, I jumped on the opportunity to try it and like the Humic Fulvic Complex, the results have been amazing.  I have been plagued by rosacea almost my entire adult life, it's now gone.  I had horrible wrinkles on my chest due to sun damage, and they have almost all disappeared.  I had a mole on my neck that had dried up and turned white and after only three days that mole that disappeared.  I have also had a lot of skin cancer removed from my face, neck and chest and slowly all of the little scars started to go away.  


I have had friends, coworkers and even my mother comment on how wonderful my skin looks. I can't say enough about both of these products, they have changed my life. I am now a more happier, healthier me. Thank you!    Cherika S.                                                           






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